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Beverage Truck (0)
Bucket/Boom Truck (12)
Cab and Chassis Truck (98)
Cabover Truck w/ Sleeper (70)
Cabover Truck w/o Sleeper (6)
Car Carrier Truck (3)
Conventional Truck w/ Sleeper (4456)
Conventional Truck w/o Sleeper (373)
Crane Truck (17)
Dump Bodies ONLY (0)
Dump Chassis Truck (9)
Dump Truck (893)
Dump/Transfer (0)
Expeditor/Hot Shot Truck (1)
Farm/Grain Truck (7)
Fire Truck (2)
Flatbed Truck (22)
Flatbed-Dump Truck (9)
Fuel/Lube Truck (7)
Garbage Trucks - Packer Truck (8)
Garbage Trucks - Roll-Off Truck (14)
Grapple Truck (1)
Hooklift Truck (0)
Logging Truck (1)
Mixer/Asphalt/Concrete Truck (36)
Other Trucks (139)
Passenger Bus (0)
Plow/Spreader Truck (4)
Reefer Bodies ONLY (0)
Salvage Truck (20)
Service/Utility/Mechanic Truck (11)
Stake Truck (3)
Tank Trucks - Asphalt/Hot Oil Tank Truck (0)
Tank Trucks - Chemical/Acid Tank Truck (0)
Tank Trucks - Gasoline/Fuel Tank Truck (2)
Tank Trucks - LPG Tank Truck (0)
Tank Trucks - Milk Tank Truck (1)
Tank Trucks - Vacuum Tank Truck (6)
Tank Trucks - Water Tank Truck (21)
Tank/Vacuum Bodies ONLY (0)
Toter Truck (2)
Tow Trucks - Roll-Back Tow Truck (7)
Tow Trucks - Wrecker Tow Truck (13)
Van Bodies ONLY (0)
Van Trucks - Dry Van (43)
Van Trucks - Moving Van (2)
Van Trucks - Reefer Van (13)
Winch Truck (5)
Yard Spotter Truck (12)
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International 7700 Truck
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Kenworth T600 Truck

Heavy Duty Trucks for sale – What , Why and How :

The range of Heavy duty trucks for sale is available very vide and it depends on your requirements, budget, and purpose. Heavy-duty trucks have a gross vehicle weight of 33,000 lb or more. i.e. the weight of the vehicle plus the weight of the payload is 33,000 pounds or more. You should decide what you need a new or used Heavy Duty Truck. For economy, used Heavy Duty truck should be preferred. Heavy Trucks for Sale can be found in different capacity ranging from 350 to 500 h.p. or more. Heavy Truck is more advisable for payload type like Gravel,Flat Bed, Container, Car Haulage, Garbage, Paper. Heavy Duty trucks of 425 to 500 hp capacity are used. For grocery, Dry Goods, Glass Heavy Trucks having 350 hp or more should be used.

Let us know some Heavy Duty special purpose Trucks :

A Heavy Duty dump truck is used for transporting material like sand, gravel, or dirt for construction. A typical Heavy Dump Truck is equipped with a hydraulically operated open-box bed hinged at the rear, the front of which can be lifted up to allow the contents to be deposited on the ground behind truck .

Cab and Chassis Trucks : Cab and chassis Trucks are available in different brands and they are used for different purposes.

Conventional Truck : New Conventional Truck can cost $ 90,000.00 or more, while used conventional truck can befound around $ 25,000.00 depending on the model and your power of negotiation. If you are looking for saving money then Purchasing used conventional truck is an excellent Idea. Of course, if money is not a problem, then any new model diserves a thought

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