Positive air flow shut off – Safety for diesel engine trucks


When choosing shut-off valves for diesel engine trucks, owners, operators, and business owners using these trucks within their service industry must familiarize themselves with the many options available to them in terms of positive air valves, which are available for diesel trucks. An emergency positive air shut off valve is the best way to prevent a runaway situation. This function is completed by completely shutting off the diesel engine, blocking off the air intake system, and cutting off all uncontrolled fuel sources to the truck.

An emergency positive air shut off valve is going to further prevent accidents or possible engine malfunctions by completely shutting off the air flow required to keep the diesel truck’s engine running. Basically, the shut off valve is going to work as a last resort to prevent possible runaway situations, if you can’t stop a diesel engine truck using manual force alone. With this in mind, truck owners and commercial business owners who use diesel trucks within their business’s infrastructure, must take the necessary time to compare several intake valves, quality of the valves, and their precision in operation, to make sure they are the safest and highest quality systems available to install on the truck.

How to select the valves for your diesel truck-
Because turning off the engine only turns off the engine’s normal fuel source, an air flow shut off valve is used to shut off any positive air flow through the engine, which can still power the truck’s engine even when powered off manually. In order to choose the right valve system, some factors to consider include:
– The type of system (automatic, automatic pneumatic, automatic hydro-mechanical, etc).
– The engine’s size, to decide how much positive air flows through the engine after being shut off.
– The valve’s closing force, to decide how quickly it can stop air flow, once the engine is manually shut off.

It is also extremely important to buy valve systems which are ATEX hazardous certified (which are valves designed with fail safe actuation). These are the safest systems, and are the only ones which will fully close off air flow through the valve system, in a timely fashion, to prevent possible danger or issues with manual shut off of the diesel engine.

There is absolutely no telling when a possible emergency situation might occur with diesel trucks (or other commercial equipment, for that matter). Whether you use a diesel engine truck for personal use, in a commercial setting, or have several trucks working on an industrial site, the proper equipment has to be in place to provide optimal safety for these large, powerful trucks. When choosing safety and emergency equipment, the shut off valve is one of the many pieces you will have to buy and have installed on the diesel engine trucks. In order to make sure the right system is chosen, there are several factors to consider, and intake valves to compare. So, when the time comes to select the best, safest, and most reliable intake shut-off systems, these are a few areas to consider.

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