Mechanics in South Edmonton – Choosing the right one is essential


For drivers, a basic oil change in South Edmonton might seem like the type of service you can have performed by any local mechanic. However, choosing the wrong mechanic to have winter tires installed, to do transmission work, major brake work, or other services, can prove extremely harmful after the fact. For this very reason, it is important to know exactly where to take your car for services and who will be servicing it. Even if the service being completed is a basic oil change in South Edmonton, the wrong shop can do more harm than good to your vehicle.

Service offerings in a local Edmonton shop –
Knowing the type of services performed in the mechanic’s shop will allow you to choose the best shop to have those services completed in. When choosing a shop, make sure they offer:
– Basic oil changes, as well as high mileage changes (typically 100,000 miles or higher).
– Brake work, pad changes and balance checks.
– Transmission service, and other mechanical services.
If you need fluids checked, new tires, or other services, also look for full service shops that can do it all in one place. The more specialists they have on staff, the greater the services offered. So look for shops that use fully licensed, specialized technicians.

Vehicles serviced by licensed and certified shop technicians –
If you drive a luxury BMW or Audi, or a lower-end used Honda, you want to find a shop that can repair these, and any other vehicle in between. When selecting a shop, try to visit those that do services on the brand and model of your vehicle. Also, search for shops that employ fully licensed technicians, trained in working on the specific engine and model of your vehicle. If they are not licensed and certified, do not trust their technicians to complete the services on your vehicle.

Guarantees and warranties offered for services completed in the shop –
Just imagine installing a set of four new winter tires in excess of $1000, just to have the tires wear down after a few days. Do you really want to be stuck with useless tires? Of course not. So, when choosing a shop, make sure you’re covered and receive full guarantees on all services performed. Choose a shop which warrants new (or OEM) parts, warrants the work they do, and offer you the service guarantees desired. Not only does this afford you the peace of mind in knowing your car is properly serviced and repaired, but also that in the event an issue does occur, that you don’t get stuck with extra expenses for further repair needs.

In addition to these services, you also have to compare pricing before choosing a shop for repair and mechanical work. When the time comes to have your vehicle serviced, these are a few of the many relevant factors that will help you choose the best qualified technicians, the best service shop, and will guarantee that all the work done on your vehicle is fully covered by the shop.

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