The Benefits of Auto Tinting in Burlington

car tinting

Car tinting provides several benefits to passengers and drivers while offering protection to the vehicle itself. It also offers a sharp appearance, since the driver is able to see out, but intruders cannot see in. If you are not sure whether you should invest in auto tinting, read on to learn the many benefits that you will enjoy.

UV Ray Protection

Auto tinting in Burlington reflects the ultra violet rays of the sun away from a car’s interior and offers UV protection. Windows that are not protected will only reject about 28% of UV rays, while tinted car windows offer up to 99% protection. With tinted windows, your car’s interior will not fade easily, since it is UV protected. As a driver, you spend at least an hour in your car daily and you are subjected to UV rays if the windows of your car are not tinted. Car tinting protects you from these rays, which reduces the danger of skin cancer.

Keeping Your Car Cool

UV rays produce heat, causing high temperatures in a closed-up car. This heat can be too much in warm climates and might cause car upholstery to peel and flake, or the dashboard to crack. Costly leather interiors might dry out because of this heat and crack, as well. Extreme heat can also cause chemicals in the car upholstery to be discharged into the compartment. When the car is very hot, chemicals used to soften plastic or those used in fire retardant materials pollute the car’s interior. Car tinting helps reduce up to 80% of the heat responsible for this pollution. Besides that, tinting increases the effectiveness of the vehicle air conditioner, since the interior temperatures remain much cooler.

Reduced Glare

Glare from indirect or direct sunlight leads to eye strain. Several things, including sunlight, oncoming headlights when it is dark and sunlight reflecting on snow, cause glare. Car tinting reduces glare, which makes it easier to see and more comfortable to drive. When there is too much glare, you are not able to see clearly, which can cause accidents.

Accident Protection

Automobile tinting involves applying a film to the car windows using a durable adhesive. This adhesive will hold the window glass together and keeps it from shattering in case of a high impact accident. This protects drivers, as well as passengers, from shattered glass and it makes cleanup easier.

 Kinds of Tints

Auto tints are available in many different colours, including gray, blue, brown and charcoal. Hybrid or high performance tint is the best choice, since it rejects the most heat from the sun and resists tearing, discolouration, and bubbling. Before choosing a tint for your car, it is crucial to check local laws for restrictions on car tinting.

Choosing a Tint Shop

Once you have understood the many benefits of auto tinting and decided to invest in it, you should choose a reliable tint shop to work with. Ensure that the shop has been offering these services for at least five years. Such shops have a reputation to protect and will not risk ruining it with mediocre services.

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