7 Things That Prove You’re Officially an Adult in Calgary

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We all remember being younger, but now you’re starting to suspect that you may be an adult. Believe it or not, there are a few ways to confirm that. Whether you’ve already taken your driving test in Calgary or there are well over 18 candles that you’re blowing out on your birthday, check out these 7 things that prove you’re an adult.

7 Things That Prove You’re Officially an Adult

1. You’ve taken your driving test.

Taking your driving test is a big deal – it’s one of the first signs that you do when transitioning from a teenager to a full-fledged adult. Taking your driving test in Calgary may amp up your nerves, but don’t worry. With enough studying and practice, you’ll be able to ace that test. If you’re still worried about taking a driving test in Calgary, just review your driving booklet and go over information that might be on your test.

2. You’re adopting or have already adopted a dog.

Maybe you were scrolling through your feed on Instagram one day and you saw a cute rescue dog photo. Before you knew it, you were at your local shelter checking out the pups. You even took one home with you! Now you can’t go anywhere without your adorable rescue. Adopting a fully grown animal is another sure sign you’re an adult.

3. Eating pizza for breakfast is not as exciting as you thought it would be.

When we were younger, the idea of having an ice cream sundae or pieces of pizza for breakfast seemed really exciting. However, if you’re too tired to make that bowl of oatmeal and reach for a slice of pizza to eat on the way to work instead (and you’re not even excited about it), congratulations. You’re officially an adult.

4. You consciously worry about your savings, next dental appointment, etc.

If you’re constantly worried about how much you’re spending, how much is in your savings, your life prospects, and the fact that you’re procrastinating on scheduling that dental appointment you’re overdue for, congratulations, you are an adult. Only a full grown person in adulthood would worry about things like this. Welcome to the club.

5. You’re buying land.

If you’re buying land or a home for the first time – congratulations! You’ve got go to the land titles office in Calgary written down on your to-do list, and you’re going to follow up with it. Time flies, and buying land is a sure sign that you’re an adult. So go ahead, go to the land titles office in Calgary and register that land.

6. Counting those candles is going to take a second.

When you see your birthday cake and you cannot readily count how many candles are on the cake, congratulations. You are an adult. If you set off the fire alarm before you blow them out, you are definitely an adult – and may potentially start getting discounts at the movies.

7. You’re starting to worry about your diet and can’t eat as many spicy things.

Heartburn’s supposed to be for other people. Well, if you’re wondering if you’re getting enough fiber and your tummy sends up a tsunami of acid every time you eat spicy things, you may have entered the realm of adulthood. Time to lay off the sriracha and start packing the Tums, just in case. It’s not glamorous, but that’s okay. It’s adulthood.

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